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Our 2022 Lenten Program


There will be 3 different prayer groups held during Lent.

Tuesday 2pm at Margaret Linford's house

Wednesday 1pm Hosted by Claire Medlin at the Parish Office

Wednesday 7pm A Parish Group, to be held in the Church which will run for 1 hour. It will be followed by Adoration.

Cost of the booklet to be used will be $7.

Please contact Parish Office for contact details


Each Friday of Lent Stations of the Cross will at 11:30am, prior to midday Mass and at 7 pm.


Vigil Saturday 9th April 6pm

Sunday 10th April 9am


With individual confession and visiting priests Wednesday 13 April 7pm


14 April 7pm


15 April 10am Stations of the Cross

3pm Passion of Our Lord


Saturday 16 April 7pm


17 April 9am

Lent 2022: About

Take on the challenge to create lasting change. Give something up for 40 days. Get your friends and family to adding an image for extra engagement.
Click on the link in the heading to view the poster from Caritas Australia.

Lent 2022: Text

Project Compassion 2022

Anatercia, Mozambique
12-year-old girl Anatercia can now access clean drinking water, eat nutritious food and focus on her schooling.

Lent 2022: Text

As a person with a disability living in remote India, Biru faced the prospect of a life of poverty and discrimination. With your support, he participated in entrepreneurship training and gained the skills to become financially independent.

Lent 2022: Welcome

A Wagilak woman, Janice is a traditional dancer who tells stories through movements handed down over generations. With your support, Janice and the Djilpin Arts Aboriginal Corporation support the community to generate income and employment, while keeping culture alive.

Lent 2022: Quote

Rosalie lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). A former child soldier, Rosalie can now establish a second-hand shoe store and build a brighter future for her children.

Lent 2022: Welcome

Shaniella attends a rural training centre in the Solomon Islands. With your support, she can learn hospitality skills and access clean water and food.

Lent 2022: Welcome
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